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I have lure fished from the age of 9 or 10, initially on the Fenland Rivers but from then all over the country but still primarily a river man and 99.9% a lure man.  From 19 to 28 I managed to forget just how much I enjoyed it and found other avenues to go down before coming to my senses.  I then discovered that lure fishing had changed beyond belief with regards to size and types of lure and I needed to “catch up” with it all again. We all find our favourite methods and styles and I suppose I use jerkbaits, large crankbaits and big spinnerbaits more than anything, occasionally blinkered but it is what I enjoy the most.

After my realisation that lure fishing had changed I gleaned as much as I could from articles, catalogues, websites and other lure anglers, many apparent “wonder baits” were tried, many were not what they claimed and the more I learned it became very apparent that I loved fishing with lures that actually worked, if they had a real “quality” about them or they were hard to get I liked throwing them all the more. I am stocking baits that I think are some of the very best available anywhere, admittedly prices may initially look a little high but quality and cheap rarely go hand in hand. I shall always try to offer baits and other products as keenly priced as I can.

I have been lucky enough to become very firm friends with some of what I consider to be the best baitmakers  out there, Mark Smith, Jack Cobb, Steve Voigt and Joe Peterson to name a few, some I have fished with, others I hope to in future. They are all great people and have an uncanny knack of making fantastic baits.

Whatever baits you buy make sure that you try to fish it “your” way, by all means do what the maker advocates but experiment with it , try to get a little more out of every lure you own and it will pay dividends with more fish gracing your net. Above all, enjoy your lure fishing.



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