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These are never going to set the world alight, they are in reality a bit of bent wire with a handle that will kick around the bottom of your bag or boat for most of it’s life. They are however a very well made piece of bent wire.

Once in a while when the usual unhooking tools fail they will save the day and you and the pike will be glad you had one.

With it’s slim profile and 22cm length without the handle these are perfect for those tight spots, though the gills/down the side if a big rubber that has been engulfed or imagine a pike that is hooked through both the top and bottom jaw. These will fit anywhere and using them is a doddle.

With them you can push or pull on a hook to get it out and they can be used as a third hand if you wanted to by holding the handy lanyard in your teeth. If you never ever use it to unhook they will come in very handy to pick out those baits that have dropped to the bottom of tubed storage bags. Buy one and know that when you do actually get into trouble it will be there.


 Out of the vast array of equipment available to the modern lure angler the Pike Pick has to be about the least ‘high tech’ item you can buy!  However, don’t let this simplicity put you off.  Described on Chico ’s website as being a very well made piece of bent wire attached to a handle, it is hard to add much more to this description.  The wire part itself is approximately nine inches long with a bent tip section forming a Z-shape that allows you to push or pull on a hook which might otherwise not be reachable with more conventional unhooking tools.  The usefulness of this was proved to me when Chico and I shared a boat on one of the trout reservoirs during the autumn.  We got round to discussing different types of unhooking equipment and he showed me a sample Pike Pick which he carried in his bag, commenting that it stayed there just in case he got the chance to use it.  Shortly afterwards an obliging upper double completely engulfed my Wobbly Bob lure, in fact it was so completely engulfed that the paddle tail was out of sight down the pike’s throat!  Despite the lure being at the back of the fish’s mouth the actual hook-hold was minimal.  Unfortunately it was also just about impossible to access with either my long-handled pliers or my Baker hook-outs, at least not without risking serious damage in the process.  I couldn’t even get at the hook to cut it with my trusty Knipex bolt croppers, so Chico suggested trying the Pike Pick.  Its slim profile allowed me to slide the tool down into just the right position with ease (ooh matron!) and then a simple push on the hook released it first time with no messing around.  To say I became convinced about the value of owning a Pike Pick was an understatement!   

Just like a good set of bolt croppers, the responsible lure angler should carry one ready for the times when it is required.  Granted, the Pike Pick is not something that will be needed every trip but on occasions, when dealing with an awkwardly hooked fish, it will be the perfect tool to rescue the situation.  If you think of it like opting for good insurance, when the worst happens you will be glad you took the trouble to invest – and so will the pike.  The Pike Pick is available from Chico ’s Lures at and costs a mere £14 which includes postage and packaging. 

Price:  £14.00


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